Oluwarotimi by Visionphem_Produced by Kunlextra

Do you know the key to Abraham’s success even after leaving his family? You may wonder why Joseph became the prime minister in Egypt the land he entered as a slave. Maybe the transformation of David the Shepard who wined and dined in the wilderness ended up not only winning the giant but also ruling the Israelites. The secret is simple, God was with them. In our world I fear no evil, pain or shame because Oluwarotimi and I’m sure my minority will turn Majority.

Falade Femi (Visionphem), a dynamic psalmist presents a spirit lifting song for your listening pleasure. Downloading this reggae song will ever make you be on the look out for more. 

Enjoy Oluwarotimi.

Oluwarotimi by Visiophem.
Oluwarotimi by Visiophem Prod. by Kunlextra


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